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“POLO VILLAGE at Val de Vie is not just about bricks and mortar. It is about life. About experiencing passion. Joy. Adventure. Endless romance. It is about reinventing yourself.” says Annerette.

“It’s about reinventing yourself consistently”

Enjoy easy access to some of the world’s most renowned wineries and eateries – right on your doorstep! Indulge in outstanding hydro treatments in 5-Star facilities, or tee up on your choice of quality golf courses, which are bound to bring out the pro-golfer in you.

Where the young and the restless… and the bold and the beautiful Live, Work and Play. And where they can do so in prime positions, which offer the perfect outdoor experience. Enjoy the trendy bars, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and state-of-the-art fitness facilities. At POLO VILLAGE life begins at your front door.

Blessed with a stunning mountainous backdrop, sweeping vineyards and the meandering Berg River, Val de Vie Estate is the epitome of exclusive, country living. But its spectacular natural beauty is not the only thing it has going for it… it is also perfectly situated to reap the benefits of living in the Cape winelands.

  • Just a 35 minute drive from vibrant Cape Town.
  • In the heart of the world-famous Capewinelands, with easy access to 28 award-winning wine farms (within a 10km – 20km radius).
  • Nearby Franschhoek is known as the ‘Gourmet capital of South Africa’ – serving up the world’s finest food and wines.
  • It’s also close to some of the best schools and universities in Africa: Paarl Boys High and Paarl Gymnasium, just 10km away; Bridge House, 16km away; Stellenbosch University, 35km away; The University of Cape Town, 64km away
  • And, it can’t be stressed enough, stunning mountain views and gorgeous, lush vineyards – an area of outstanding natural beauty.

As good as it gets

It’s a perfect day.

The Sun beckons you to revel in its rays and a slight breeze cools your sun-kissed skin while whisking your mind away – at that very moment you remember that you’re in possession of the most perfect GETAWAY – one that harnesses everything you need to truly embrace this feeling, your very own private retreat in the heart of the Wine lands

Spontaneously you decide to pack the bare essentials, not much needed where you are going, and make the one call guaranteed to quench your desire for an experience as unique as you are.

The far-off hustle & bustle is behind you as you unlock the front door of your Polo pad knowing the soothing of your soul is about to begin. It is quiet. You feel far away, yet never disconnected from life, there is a similarity, a space where the only purpose is to make you feel home away from home.

A sanctuary where luxury, comfort and functionality come together effortlessly and seamlessly. A tranquil secure and quiet place defined by passion, creativity and energy. Far away but, close to everything that counts.

You are invited on an adventurous “road trip” to discover passion joy and endless romance, reinventing and embracing the secrets of the land of Milk & Honey.

Defined by the Polo Village Team

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